Trisha Mendenhall MSN, APRN

Trisha Mendenhall MSN, APRN is a longtime Gillette resident. She is a proud graduate of Campbell County High School and the nursing college at Gillette College. Trisha also attended the University of Wyoming, where she earned her undergraduate degree in nursing.

Before transitioning to Advanced Practice Nursing, Trisha practiced as a Registered Nurse for 12 years at Campbell County Health. Much of her career has been dedicated to caring for critically ill patients in Intensive Care and acute care within inpatient and outpatient surgery. After a decade of practice, Trisha chose to continue her medical education. She earned a master’s degree in Nursing, specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. With her increased education Trisha hopes to have a greater impact on the trajectory of a patient’s care. As a longtime Gillette resident, Trisha is passionate about ensuring patients and families within the community receive quality, individualized, skilled, and compassionate care. 

After dedicating much of her life to caring for hospitalized patients, she now loves being able to work with patients to establish and achieve their healthcare goals and provide support not only at times of acute need but promoting prevention as well. In her spare time, Trisha enjoys many of the outdoor hobbies Wyoming has to offer. Camping, boating, hiking, running, skiing, adventuring, and spending time with her family are among some of her favorite pastimes. She also enjoys painting and reading.

She is thrilled to be part of Wyoming Medical Associates and to work with such a fantastic team who share the mission of providing a patient-centered medical home that is fun, safe, and efficient. Trisha explains, “I think a team approach to the attention of our patients yields the best outcomes and highest quality care”.